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Curfew tonight?

There have been various ideas thrown around, everything from pajama parties at bars to protests to help bring attention to the curfew issue.

What we recommend is be safe, don't get arrested, and if confronted about the curfew do not cause any problems (ie. arguing with the officer/MRE guy). We don't need any more New Orleanians getting arrested for something that shouldn't even be there.

Also be careful out there, lots of check points for drunk driving and such.

If everyone wouldn't mind please post how late they were out tonight, any encounters they had and what happened durring the encounters (please be as objective as possible), and what part of town you are in.

Maybe this is a call for the return of the speak easy until we can manage to get this first matter taken care of. Just a thought.

Be safe everyone. Some Anti-Curfew T-Shirts coming soon!!! Help show your support for how our city used to and should be at night. We are the city that never sleeps, not New York. No offense to New York, but it's true. 2am? ridiculous.

Take care everyone.

also anyone feel like making any flyers or have access to a good printer if we design some? I can punch some out in PDF format but don't have a printer. Also anyone is more than welcome to create an icon for the community if they are up to it. All credit will be given, copyrights will remain yours, etc. etc. Spread the word on lj about the community btw. the tag should be [lj comm=free_nola] except replace the [ and ] with > and <. free_nola
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