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Forward movement, is this the only possibility left???

found in the New Orleans community. What's everyone's take on it? If it happens it better not be violent, that's the last thing the city needs right now. And there are more than enough dead from the hurricane, riots, and other causes related, we don't need to loose any more of our fellow citizens in a needless conflict. What does everyone think of this?
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I happen to agree with you, I think people need to research things through and through before they put ideas like this out there. The fact is it would not be in New Orleans best interest or Louisiana's to leave. The government has been providing millions of dollars to those hurt by the hurricane, now has everyone been helped no is there alot more to do hell yes. They have just passed a bill though 3.5 billion dollars I believe to rebuild the levees so I would say they are giving New Orleans money. They also want to offer trailors for those with no home, trailors which are ready and waiting again that's a very costly move, so again they are putting money into this. ONe thing I have noticed is no matter what the government does someone will complain, it's all a matter of perception and to some they want everything done and paid for by someone else, to other's they just want some help to get back on their feet and start their lives again. I could go on and on but the fact of the matter is they are helping and we as the people can either sit and get upset and yell about how much they arn't doing and what they should be doing, or we can start doing some things for ourselves which we should be doing anyway. I don't expect the government to support me in every way, I should have a job I should be helping put my city back together and I am, do I need some help hell yes is the government helping I believe so I have seen improvment. People also need to keep in mind that 80% of the city was flooded at one point there is no quick fix to this it's not going to go away over night, they have to take certain things and fix them in order to fix the rest, it is going to be a long process. To be honest we need their help so I don't see how leaving the U.S. would do anything for us.
but with so many other countries offering us help that the federal government is not accepting think of how much faster things would be accomplished if this money was not blocked. Also for as much as they say they are doing there are hundreds if not thousands if not more that can say they were supposed to recieve a trailor and never did, never recieved the aid they were suppose to, while people in jefferson parish with only minimal damage recieved compensation three times as much as that recieved by people in orleans and other areas. Talk is fine but talking for 4 months going on 5 withnot just a city but several still completely displaced and damaged with only the small amount of progress is unforgivable. Cuba, The European Union, many places are offering aid, not just monetary but any way needed, and the federal government won't accept it. Why? Also the entire region could basicly be said to have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and I'm sure many are suffering from depression and other psychological dissorders, but no one has stepped forward from the federal gov't to try and address this or to give everyone aid. The FEMA packet says they offer services, but ourselves and several other people we know have tried to follow up and are given nothing but a runaround. Something must give.
Weird we are getting two different ends of the spectrum as I know people in the 9th ward for example who lost everything and are getting over 26,000 dollars and have been offered trailors. So I disagree as far as my experience has been. I do think the 5 days it took them to respond in the start was unacceptable but I could get into that and that was not all the federal governments fault, the governor had to ask for help and she refused to ask the President for help until that Thursday. With my job I build websites for people around the world and we have accepted help from Canada, France, Germany, Russia and plenty of others, I do know that we have not from Cuba and that was due to the stipulations with their help. There was a price to pay for their help in other words. I'm not saying the government has done everything perfectly, they havn't but we would not be better on our own it would hurt us rather then help that's all.
Sorry also to touch on one thing you said about there has only been talk in 4-5 months on that I'm going to have to disagree. There has been insane amounts of trash collected, electrical wires hooked up, water back up and running, houses being cleaned due to mold etc... I do however, agree that nothing has been done to actually start fixing then levee's which needs to be done asap considering we are on a very short time frame if we are going to prevent another hurricane from doing this kind of damage again. By the way not trying to argue with you just presenting another point of view and I do appreciate you bringing another view point to the table it's always good to see all perspectives.