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Place for rent in Bywater great price

Hey there guys,

I moved back to Utah recently due to family situations and the place I was staying in is up for rent.

It's a great deal and honestly the nicest landlord I have ever had.

Ok here are the specifics:

Rent- 850 a month
3 bedrooms however it is advertised as 2 but it has 4 large rooms all together. It's a shot gun and the first room is large with textured peach colored walls, that leads into the next room which is sepearated by large french doors. The second room is also textured peach color and is HUGE I mean huge and has an amazing light fixture with stain glass. third room is the same size so it's HUGE as well and has a textured blue color. The 4th room is red colored and has built in shelves and it not as large as the other rooms but still large. That leads into the kitchen area and then the bathroom. The woods are all hard wood, and each room has a fireplace but they are not usable.

It has a nice backyard that looks like a jungle it's gorgeous. It has a little patio and some patio furniture.

The house is on Montegut st/ located in the Bywater and it's a nice neighborhood I was very happy with my neighbors.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me or I can give you the landlords info and you can contact her for a showing or pictures.
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