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Price Gouging - Next Agenda while first is still in progress

Price gouging, even though they are not calling it such, is rampant in the city as well as the suburbs. The Quality Inn on Causeway in Veterans used to vary from $49-$69 a night, apart from Mardi Gras, etc. We love how they have a lighted sign so they can change it at whim. Guess what it is currently? $109. Has been as long as I can tell since it's been open. Trying to call them right now to see what they have to say about the price. They're playing it off, saying that the rates depend on the time of year. Wish we had a video camera and crew to go over there and document it. Will try and get a picture of the $109 sign.

If anyone has had any encounters with or heard of any price gouging going on apart from gas - which in most of the rest of the country is closer to 2.05 if not below 2.00 in some areas, whereas here where it comes into the country it is more expensive - please POST THEM! Doccument them! Call, find out what they have to say about the reasons for the price raise! Some can be justified - serious damage to a building, needing to make up for the repairs - but technically that is what the SBA, insurance, and FEMA are for, not us. Some apartments are jumping up $300 in rent - AT LEAST! And that's in Metairie!!!

As I said this is not just about the curfew, the curfew is still just the first step, but it doesn't hurt to start on another while still working on the first.

Anyone know anything about how to legally and safely perform a protest in the state of louisiana/city of New Orleans?

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