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Friday, November 30th, 2007
10:53 am
Place for rent in Bywater great price
Hey there guys,

I moved back to Utah recently due to family situations and the place I was staying in is up for rent.

It's a great deal and honestly the nicest landlord I have ever had.

Ok here are the specifics:

Rent- 850 a month
3 bedrooms however it is advertised as 2 but it has 4 large rooms all together. It's a shot gun and the first room is large with textured peach colored walls, that leads into the next room which is sepearated by large french doors. The second room is also textured peach color and is HUGE I mean huge and has an amazing light fixture with stain glass. third room is the same size so it's HUGE as well and has a textured blue color. The 4th room is red colored and has built in shelves and it not as large as the other rooms but still large. That leads into the kitchen area and then the bathroom. The woods are all hard wood, and each room has a fireplace but they are not usable.

It has a nice backyard that looks like a jungle it's gorgeous. It has a little patio and some patio furniture.

The house is on Montegut st/ located in the Bywater and it's a nice neighborhood I was very happy with my neighbors.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me or I can give you the landlords info and you can contact her for a showing or pictures.

Current Mood: working
Thursday, March 15th, 2007
1:04 pm
Any help would be greatly appreciated
I contacted multiple media outlets and I need your letters against Entergy in order for this to be noticed.

We have to start somewhere and let Entergy and the local government know we will not take this anymore. If you feel that Entergy is stealing your money and abusing their position as the only electricity provider please send a letter to my myspace and I will collect them and send them on to the media.

If no one takes a stand we will continue in this downward spiral. Something has to be done and we need to be united on this.

Thanks for your time

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Thursday, December 29th, 2005
5:22 am
Forward movement, is this the only possibility left???

found in the New Orleans community. What's everyone's take on it? If it happens it better not be violent, that's the last thing the city needs right now. And there are more than enough dead from the hurricane, riots, and other causes related, we don't need to loose any more of our fellow citizens in a needless conflict. What does everyone think of this?
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
4:25 pm
for those who are active (or more active on MySpace than on lj) there will be a Free NOLA community on MySpace within the week. Stay tuned.


Also we have found how to get a permit for a protest. Anyone interested please email us at free.nola@gmail.com as we need to know how many people to expect. Also what issues everyone wants addressed apart from the obvious lack of human rights. As we said, protesting the curfew, having that be our starting point, is just to recover some basic human rights and to get more attention/backing/support/media coverage.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading/watching/contributing. Please feel free to contribute more, opinions, observations, suggestions.

3:08 pm
Price Gouging - Next Agenda while first is still in progress
Price gouging, even though they are not calling it such, is rampant in the city as well as the suburbs. The Quality Inn on Causeway in Veterans used to vary from $49-$69 a night, apart from Mardi Gras, etc. We love how they have a lighted sign so they can change it at whim. Guess what it is currently? $109. Has been as long as I can tell since it's been open. Trying to call them right now to see what they have to say about the price. They're playing it off, saying that the rates depend on the time of year. Wish we had a video camera and crew to go over there and document it. Will try and get a picture of the $109 sign.

If anyone has had any encounters with or heard of any price gouging going on apart from gas - which in most of the rest of the country is closer to 2.05 if not below 2.00 in some areas, whereas here where it comes into the country it is more expensive - please POST THEM! Doccument them! Call, find out what they have to say about the reasons for the price raise! Some can be justified - serious damage to a building, needing to make up for the repairs - but technically that is what the SBA, insurance, and FEMA are for, not us. Some apartments are jumping up $300 in rent - AT LEAST! And that's in Metairie!!!

As I said this is not just about the curfew, the curfew is still just the first step, but it doesn't hurt to start on another while still working on the first.

Anyone know anything about how to legally and safely perform a protest in the state of louisiana/city of New Orleans?

4:12 am
Rumours stirring
I've heard rumours of an upcomming peaceful protest against the curfew, I don't know the details and if I did I don't know if it would be appreciated to post them here, will keep everyone up to date as much as I can, look around for flyers of it though!!! Anyone up for a protest Sunday? Stayed out at a bar until 3:30 or so tonight without any problems, apparently weekends they don't care as much about. Or just right palce right time.

How did everyone else's night go?
12:52 am
Protest pics from Dec 10th thanks to Anjel Kitty
Protest December 10th.
I think it's time for another one, what's everyone doing Sunday?
http://www.livejournal.com/users/anjel_kitty/144957.html#cutid1 go here
Friday, December 16th, 2005
10:59 pm
Hi Ya'll
My name is Anjel, and while I do not live in New Orleans, I grew up around the city and its culture, and have spent a good bit of time there.
I want to see the city rise again, and not stripped of its cultural identity. My hope is that we can expand this community to be a good resource for people who are trying to help out New Orleans in different ways. I recently attending a March in the city on Dec 10, and I was wondering if anyone in this commuity out there was there.
here are my pictures from the March
7:59 pm
Curfew tonight?
There have been various ideas thrown around, everything from pajama parties at bars to protests to help bring attention to the curfew issue.

What we recommend is be safe, don't get arrested, and if confronted about the curfew do not cause any problems (ie. arguing with the officer/MRE guy). We don't need any more New Orleanians getting arrested for something that shouldn't even be there.

Also be careful out there, lots of check points for drunk driving and such.

If everyone wouldn't mind please post how late they were out tonight, any encounters they had and what happened durring the encounters (please be as objective as possible), and what part of town you are in.

Maybe this is a call for the return of the speak easy until we can manage to get this first matter taken care of. Just a thought.

Be safe everyone. Some Anti-Curfew T-Shirts coming soon!!! Help show your support for how our city used to and should be at night. We are the city that never sleeps, not New York. No offense to New York, but it's true. 2am? ridiculous.

Take care everyone.

also anyone feel like making any flyers or have access to a good printer if we design some? I can punch some out in PDF format but don't have a printer. Also anyone is more than welcome to create an icon for the community if they are up to it. All credit will be given, copyrights will remain yours, etc. etc. Spread the word on lj about the community btw. the tag should be [lj comm=free_nola] except replace the [ and ] with > and <. free_nola
12:44 pm
About that first agenda
We hope dark_law doesn't mind me referencing his reply to my post in the New Orleans community, but this may be helpful to anyone more knowledgeable in the ways of legal issues than we are.


very help reply to my post, very inciteful as well.

Thank you to everyone who has joined as is watching the community, it's good to see that in less than 12 hours enough of us feel the same way to make this grow. We were worried this would be a futile, or even frowned upon effort.

Thank you! Please post as you see fit, especially any experiences with the curfew or knowledge there of.

Check back for another update later on, have to take care of some mundanity.

Thanks again!
4:09 am
Our first agenda is to go about getting the curfew in Orleans Parish and elsewhere, where there is electricity, lifted. Not extended, not with a deadline, but completely gone.

Check back for more information on this, any lawyers, journalists, or law enforcement with knowledge in this area please contribute. All citizens affected please comment as well. This is a pressing issue for many of us, and one which has out stayed it's need.

More information on justification for this shall be posted as soon as possible for those who do not understand why.

Remove the tyranny from what is left of our beautiful city! Reclaim what is ours!
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